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EIAMNP2018 - Plenary

Plenary Speakers

 isidro lopez collado Opening: Dr. Isidro Gonzalez Collado
Spain,  Universidad de Cádiz
Metabolomic and genomic studies applied to the selective control of the phytopathogen botrytis cinerea

  •  murray isman Dr. Murray Isman
    Canada, University of British Columbia
    Commercial Development of plant essential oils and their constituents as active ingredients in bioinsecticides
     john pickett Dr. John Pickett
    The Development of Natural Products Chemistry using Biotechnology for Sustainable Food Production: from Ecosystem Management to GM
    School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, UK
     p caboni Dr. Pierluigi Caboni
    Italy, Università degli Studi di Cagliari
    Chemical synthesis of potent nematicides – a lesson from nature
     zuñiga Dr. Gustavo Zuñiga 
    Chile, USACH
    Metabolomic analysis of Antartic plants
     phil stevenson Dr. Phil Stevenson
    England, Kew Gardens
    Sex, drugs and ecosystem services: the ecological functions and potential applications of nectar toxins
     carlos l cespedes Dr. Carlos  Céspedes
    Chile, Universidad del Bio-Bio
    Cholinesterase and tyrosinase inhibitors from chilean plants
     carmen rossini Dra. Carmen Rossini 
    Uruguay, Universidad de la República
    Basic and applied studies on plant kairomones that mediate herbivore-plant interactions
     robert verporte Dr. Robert Verpoorte
    Netherlands, IBL, Leiden University
    Synergy: easier to say than to prove
     cedric bertrand Dr. Cedric Bertrand
    France, Université de Perpignan
    A holistic approach for botanicals development within european context ppp regulation
  •  pedroJ nathan Dr. Pedro Joseph-Nathan
    Results from recent nmr and vcd studies of iberoamerican natural products
     nuria cabedo Dra. Nuria Cabedo
    Spain, Universidad de Valencia
    Synthesis of nature-inspired bioactive isoquinolines and its analogues
     jose quilez Dr. Jose Quilez
    Spain, Universidad de Granada
    Mirroing nature: “magic” chemistry
     ram vishwakarma Dr. Ram Vishwakarma
    India, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine
    Isoform selective kinase inhibitors from natural products
     carlos jimenez Dr. Carlos Jimenez
    Spain, Universidad de La Coruña
    New treatments against aquaculture fish infection diseases based on the microbial iron uptake mechanism mediated by the siderophore piscibactin
     barbara moreno murillo Dra. Barbara Moreno
    Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Advances in research of lycopodiaceae family and other plants from the andean region of colombia
     ruangelie Dra. RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel
    Using Concatenated Analytical Data for Metabolomic Guided Production and Isolation of Bioactive Natural Product
    Scotland, University of Strathclyde
     mercedes amat Dra. Mercedes Amat
    Spain, Universidad de Barcelona
     virginia lanzoti Dra. Virginia Lanzotti
    Italy, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
    NMR  spectroscopy and mass spectrometry in metabolomics analysis of plants

 antonio macias Closing: Dr. Fco. Antonio Macías
Span, PSE-Universidad de Cádiz
Honeypot strategy to control parasitic weeds. an allelopathic case

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